07 November 2008

Beijing adventure

The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing
On our trip to China with the University of Maryland Community Band, we saw many amazing sights, including the Temple of Heaven. There, we visited the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, seen in the picture above. Its rich painted wood stood in stark contrast with the hazy sky.

One treat of watching the Summer Olympic Games on television was the chance to revisit the very sites we had seen in person just one month prior. What a treat to have our own pictures instead of relying on those from the TV!

05 November 2008

Waiting in line to make history

voting lines at Hyattsville Middle School

Taken in the "cafetorium" of Hyattsville Middle School, Tuesday 4 November 2008. It was an historic day, no matter how you voted. I think the array of flags hanging from the ceiling and the makeup of the crowd are fitting; they represent the international significance of the election and the broad swath of the population participating in this record turnout.

(Almost immediately after taking this picture I discovered that cameras were not permitted in the polling place.)

And so it begins

Having just started a blog to "chronicle missteps of the English language," I thought I should start another blog that provides a chance to look at life through the lens of a camera. I know ... as original as apple pie, right?

Anyway, let's give it a shot and look at our world, one frame at a time.